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    Yes provides scientifically advanced, certified organic, lubricants and moisturisers for intimate use. This means Yes is guaranteed pure and natural – unlike other intimacy products.

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  • Based on purity of ingredients, complete supply chain integrity, and manufacturing controls, Yes is the world’s only product range in this category that is certified organic by the Soil Association.

About Yes Lubricants

In 2003, recognising that there was a gap in the market for a pure and natural personal lubricant, pharmaceutical industry consultants Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks BSc set out to change our worlds from the inside. By following their own strict criteria - not compromising on quality, integrity or performance – they formulated the ultimate product for the most intimate area; a lubricant that unlike anything else in its category would provide performance, purity and pleasure – without any compromise, whatsoever. 

The Soil Association confirmed Susi and Sarah’s aspirations for Yes products, awarding organic certification to the brand in recognition of its purity. In June 2009 was named as the Small Business Winner of the Triodos Women in Ethical Business Award (WEBA) in association with The Times. In April 2011 Yes lubricants won the award for the Best Organic Bodycare Product at the Natural and Organic (Europe) Show in London. In June 2012 The Yes Yes Company won the South Coast Small Business of the Year Award. 

At The Yes Yes Company, entirely natural organic products are used to out-perform existing synthetic chemical equivalents. Yes want to make more people smile (who wouldn’t after a great night of intimacy?), and feel unstigmatised by their purchase. Our customer’s testimonials attest to their life-changing effectiveness. 


Yes appeals to all sexually active people. It is a pure hypoallergenic product, a crucial consideration for anyone with health sensitivities, but also significant to those who are conscious about the chemical load they put on their bodies. 

Vaginal dryness is a growing concern - not just for menopausal women - and Yes can provide relief for many women with this undesirable symptom. It provides relief from dryness and a capacity to engage sexually again. Feeling comfortable and familiarly moist can mean avoiding problems like thrush – as Yes restores a healthy environment, actively nourishing and restoring moisture to intimate tissues. 

Additionally, Yes is the only proven paraben free product that can be safely used by women recovering from breast cancer (a side effect of cancer treatment can be intimate dryness). Most lubricants are contraindicated for these women as they contain parabens (estrogen mimics) which can act as antagonists to products like Tamoxifen. 


  • Certified organic intimate lubrication product range guarantees purity and naturalness 
  • Free from all known skin irritants including: parabens, glycerine, glycols or mineral oil 
  • Odourless and tasteless, it won't interfere with the natural pheremones of arousal 
  • Produced to exacting medical device standards 
  • Complete supply chain tracking from the field to the filled bottle 
  • Suitable for women who are undergoing breast cancer treatments – as it contains no parabens (estrogen mimics) that oppose the efficacy of Tamoxifen 
  • Restores comfort and a capacity to engage sexually again, for women who have had problems with vaginal dryness 
  • Alleviates the everyday discomfort of vaginal dryness – because it’s pure there is no restriction on frequency or amount of use 
  • Discreet – Yes water-based lubricant can feel indistinguishable from a woman’s natural moisture, it’s not always detectable by a partner and can be used in advance of intimacy 
  • Leaves no sticky residue, Yes is nourishing and is readily absorbed into the mucosa (vaginal tract), conditioning the tissues and disappearing without trace 
  • Stylish and discreet packaging makes it unembarassing to purchase or leave on display 
  • Vegetarian Society approved, not tested on animals and ethically produced 
  • Uses purest possible ingredients that have a reputation for healing and are compatible with the mucosa 

Yes water-based

  • Dual action intimate moisturiser & lubricant • pH is carefully matched to restore typical vaginal environment 
  • Condom compatible 
  • Hydrates & revitalises dry vaginal tissues 
  • A soft clear gel that melts on contact 

Yes water-based uses a patented and innovative process to extract a key ingredient from flax, which has a 6,000-year pedigree as a healing skin food with powerful moisture-retentive properties.